I filmed a lot of clips on my iphone. Is it worth exporting in HD for either use? Or, you can just export from iMovie at the default highest quality, move that to your old PC, and burn from there if you like. And what Blu-Ray creation software are you using? Hi there, I am running into a problem with the sound levels in iMovie.

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OK, then why not try some custom settings.

8x Portable DVD Rewriter with M-DISC™

Expensive but worth it if you are doing this for a lively hood like me. Try the 1-minute sample idea. Can anybody assist me? But otherwise I really recommend going to Export Movie or Export Using Quicktime below, and exporting the movie exactly where you want it, and then manually uploading it to YouTube of MobileMe using the regular interface specially for YouTube. Made a photo slideshow in iPhoto and burned it in iDVD.

When I inserted the burned disc into my dvd player it said the format was unrecognizable. Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, or just use iCloud. Export as high quality as you can, keeping in mind that too high might mean long upload times. Am I missing out on something? I want to export the final hd movie to be played on a ps3. The quality as you would imagine is fuzzy but my client expects that.


MacMost Now iMovie Export Settings – MacMost

Dp you know of such a program and does it degrade the movie in the process? After waiting some hours later, I got the message that it was unable to process due to the video being too long. So Toast 11 is converting the video. I have imported different media from old VHS, 8mm film, 16mm film, slides, etc.

3D Blu-ray Disc Playback & M-DISC™ Support

TVs can be set to show all, or cut off. If you wanted just to post a casual video to YouTube just something very quick or something very quick llg MobileMe Gallery, it’s just important maybe to share with some friends then these could be good options specially if you do this a lot.

Why would this be?

I am learning so very much from you. Is the only way to have the 2 GB file on a thumb drive to transfer over? What are you doing to convert them? Just upload a high quality file and let YouTube handle it. Is this correct and what are your thoughts? Which formats do you recommend?


I filmed a lot of clips on my iphone. Are you saying that the video is 1 hour and 22 minutes long? You can open the clips up in QuickTime Player and then get info on the document to bpo6lu01 its dimensions. I captured the video with my Sony Camcorder i. Have you tried rebooting, then running nothing but iMovie? Was the TV you were playing it on a 4: What are your thoughts about this? And if so, what rate, under to stay in Blu-ray specs? Of course with DVDs only being standard definition anyway, they are still nowhere near the quality of HD that we can see on our computers and using streaming services.

DVDs only have one format: