These elements are comprised of predominantly poly U tracts with interspersed A residues. The possibility that the GFP coding sequence somehow inhibits expression of extended sequences by creating GFP transgenes lacking proximal poly A signals was excluded. Database of interacting proteins More Furthermore, nuclear polyadenylation and splicing of the terminal intron have been shown to be linked events Niwa et al. Replacing promoters of extended genes with heterologous promoters blocks normal 3′ extension in the nervous system, while extension-associated promoters can induce 3′ extension in ectopic tissues expressing ELAV. We show that ELAV in embryonic nuclear extracts cross-links to a subset of the poly U -rich sequences found throughout the 3.

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How this redundancy is linked to in vivo function and how gene specific regulation is achieved, has not been clear.

Third instar larvae were heat shocked, and 1 h later, the CNS was dissected out and the remaining tissue subjected drosolhila RNA extraction. Experimentally Determined Recombination Data.

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We show that ELAV in embryonic nuclear extracts cross-links to drosophi,a subset of the poly U -rich sequences found throughout the 3. No morphological abnormalities visible in sections of dying embryos elav 1elav 2or elav 3.

Analyses of the ewg splicing patterns in wild-type and Elav-deficient eye imaginal discs drosopyila in wild-type and ectopic Elav-expressing wing imaginal eelav, show that certain neuronal splice isoforms correspond to Elav levels. This leads us to propose that the specificity of ELAV binding may be in part attributable to the requirement for multiple-binding sites. Two insertion lines of germ-line-transformed flies were examined for each transgene, along with two lines of CNV. Ectopic Sxl had no effect on neural-specific splicing.


Families, Domains and Molecular Function. Strong X-gal staining is observed in the antennae, optic lobes, brain, and thoracic ganglion, but not in nonneuronal tissues. In fact, other factors that, while not tissue-specific, are enriched in some tissues relative to others, are more commonly responsible for regulated splicing Manley and Tacke In contrast, only a few examples of tissue-specific splicing factors have been documented.

With the exception of one subclass within this family, HuA, their expression is largely restricted to the nervous system Okano and Darnell Finally, it was demonstrated that ubiquitous Elav has regulatory capacity, since derepressed Elav can stabilize an Elav-responsive sensor. Sequence analysis confirmed proper splice site usage for the default and neural-specific spliced transcripts data not shown.

WikiGenes – elav – embryonic lethal abnormal vision

The nrg intron sequences were inserted such that the exon C lies in frame with an open-reading frame that initiates upstream within the transcribed region of the Hsp70 promoter, and the ela N lies in frame with the LacZ open-reading frame.

Experiments reported here demonstrate for the first time that the prevalence of neuron-specific ewg, nrg, and arm transcripts positively correlates with Elav levels, and these results are achieved through the increased use of specific splice sites Koushika, We are indebted to Dr.


This is also the sequence that appears in the downloadable versions of the entry.

Each eye disc was drosophjla with attached brain lobe. Additionally, this section gives relevant information on each alternative protein isoform. Experimentally Determined Cytological Location.

Gene Ontology 12 terms. Danio rerio Zebrafish 6. Cosmid contigs and sequence tagged sites. InterPro – A database of protein families, domains and functional sites. drosopjila

Molecular Function 4 terms. Pan-neural regulators of splicing have not been identified previously. The neuron specific Drosophila Elav protein belongs to the Elav family of RNA binding proteins, characterized by three highly conserved RNA recognition motifs; an N-terminal domain, and a hinge region between the second and third RNA recognition motifs. Imagine a global collaborative knowledge base for original thoughts.

elav – Protein elav – Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) – elav gene & protein

Whole-mount embryos show periodic interruptions in the longitudinal connectives of the CNS and missing commissures especially the posterior ones. The significance of the neural Nrg n-Nrg isoform is not known, but the distinct cytoplasmic domain could be important in signaling.

The activities of synthetic reporter genes were exanubed in transgenic embryos to determine whether extended 3′ UTRs are sufficient for the selective recruitment of ELAV in vivo. Clones Consistent with Transcripts.