The NIC allows computers to communicate over a computer network, either by using cables or wirelessly. Click the WINS tab. Retrieved March 26, Is there a link light on the ethernet card? The consultant may also request the other information you recorded above to help expedite the resolution of this problem. If you think a term should be updated or added to the TechTerms dictionary, please email TechTerms! In order to access the wireless network again you may need to repeat these steps, Selecting Enable instead of Disable, but the wireless connection may be interfering with your Local Area Connection.

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Make sure to include your static IP address and location if you contact the Help Desk. If your location is not listed below you may obtain this information by sending an email to consult dvaison.

What is NIC (Network Interface Card)?

If you have wireless networking on this computer, try disabling it. You are here Home.

If the IP address begins with anything besides If you think a term should be updated or added to the TechTerms dictionary, please dsvison TechTerms! Views Read Edit View history. If the new card does not work, skip to the last bullet on this list. Many computers and wireless devices now include an integrated networking component called a network adapter.


Try using a different ethernet cable. It explains in computing terminology carf NIC means and is one of many hardware terms in the TechTerms dictionary. If you are prompted to reboot your computer, Click Yes.

Windows XP Network Troubleshooting

If it still doesn’t work and you still don’t see a link light, bring your computer into Rensselaer Computer Repair. In the dialog that appears, Type “command” and Click OK.

Network controllers were originally implemented as expansion cards that plugged into a computer bus. If you get the error message shown below, this may mean your network connection is misconfigured. If you still do not see a ravison on your ethernet card try plugging into a different port on the hub, switch, or router. These define a standard receptacle for media-dependent transceivers, so users ehternet easily adapt the network interface to their needs.

If none of the above steps solves your network problem, contact the Daviskn Desk by phone at x, by email at consult rpi. Check to see if there is a light on the back of your ethernet card. If you are still unable to connect, skip to davisn 6 below. For most uses, this will increase compatibility and have no noticeable impact on performance. Try connecting your computer somewhere else on campus.


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If you are still unable to access the network, continue to step 4. Check your email from a different computer. Therefore most NICs include one or more Ethernet ports. Make sure a Network Bridge is not setup on this computer. If you are running Zone Alarm davlson other personal firewall software, try uninstalling these programs. NICs were commonly included in desktop computers in the s and early s.

NIC (Network Interface Card) Definition

Part 1 – Networking Hardware”. This kind of functionality is usually referred to as user-level networking.

Make sure the ethernet cable is firmly plugged in to both the ethernet jack and your computer. All definitions on the TechTerms website are written to be technically accurate but also easy to understand. Since many different networking standards exist, it is best to match the specifications of a NIC to the standard of network.

Even if you have a link light, windows does not recognize that your ethernet is connected.