What network interface does EnterNet require? If using Access Manager: Try installing an ISA Ethernet adapter to get around this problem. Please turn it on for the best experience. Please make sure you know your username and password.

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But it is not used to negotiate MTU size like you’d think. Keep this browser page open. I have a LAN and my client computers have trouble with Web Browsing, stalling, sending large e-mail’s, etc. If you do not have either of these, go to Question 4. I’m using Windows Media Player 7 and it won’t connect to anything.

Then open it up, edit the MTU values see below to determine sizesave the file. Don’t try to look for errors there if you can help it. How to hard reset D-Link Wireless router to default settings?

How do I prevent that from happening? Try installing an ISA Ethernet adapter to get around this problem. Switches Boosts your business network with premium performance. Also, once you have confirmed that your configuration is correct it could take five minutes or longer to connect.


If you install the Cisco client before installing EnterNet then making these changes to EnterNet you should be able to get the two to co-exist. The rest of the system remains unchanged. Enter a value next to Maximum Idle Time if you want your connection to terminate after adapger minutes of inactivity. If you permit EnterNet to Interact with the Desktop it will register itself for “User Logoff” events and shut down when a user at the Console logs off.

How do I buy a single license of EnterNet ? This has been corrected in Version 1. Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! Windows NT box freezing with A. In here you will see an EnterNetFolders. Set the subnet mask to Select Admin as the username and type in your password. From Fine Point Technologies click here. Please make sure you know your username and password.

How to configure TP-Link Wi-Fi router to work with a DSL modem(new designed blue UI)?

Dialup adapter not found in list. This option allows you to bypass the “Welcome”, “Software License”, and “Choose Destination” screens. Click on Status tab and Device Setting on the left side. broacjump


I can not browse right away with Windows Installing on Windows NT V1. If you have installed MSN uninstall it and then try out the following: Please make sure that your modem is not also a router.

PPPoE | Dlink products Configuration And Installation On D-Link Blog Home – Part 2

See Question 37 on the this page for updated information. Launch the new WinPoET icon on your desktop. Several of these vendors updated their own software to resolve problems, so broaxjump may need to contact them for the latest version.

Support is planned for V2. Win Access Manager now has Windows support.