Coachella , Saturday pics. Somebody messaged me about it on Twitter the other night so we contacted this label. Currently putting together the follow up to ‘s critically acclaimed I Wasn’t Born To Lose You , their first long player in seventeen years. It was quite incredible. It’s great that you have the option today rather than the “three singles and an album” business model that most labels followed when we first started. So basically these songs were sitting here and the first people I thought might be up for releasing them were Duncan Jones and Robin Allport at Club AC

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Now, anybody can record their own music and put it out themselves on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

an interview with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, tour dates

Do you consider Swervedriver a shoegaze band? The internet has made it easier for bands to get their music out there but with so much music to sift through, the big question is whether anyone would notice and ultimately hear it. It all happened in a split second. I’m also rediscovering a lot of stuff like this Brian Eno album from years ago that I’d never heard before.

It’s James Cargill from Broadcast’s new group and I’d definitely recommend the album. We were at this festival in Hong Kong and he was invited into our tour manager’s hotel room with his entourage because the frnaklin was closed. May 5, Come check out Adam’s solo electric tour, Italy.


Aired publicly for the first time last year with the band’s performance on the Jimmy Fallon TV Show, Deep Wound is the first pup from that litter to open its eyes – and it’s classic Swervedriver! We only found out a couple of weeks ago there’s a label in Holland reissuing Mezcal Head.

You mean the studio that we built from Geffen advance money?

There’s something quite sixties about it and it’s also a strangely vulnerable kind of song really. He was starting up a label but we never heard back from him.

I was listening to The Damned’s second album on Spotify the other day because I don’t think I’d ever heard it before! It sounded quite different to swervedrievr Motorhead became. All you have to do upon purchasing is send a message with the name of the song you wish to OWN, your email address and your mailing address plus please state wav or mp3 preference. We’re sifting through them at the minute but there’s about 20, maybe even 25 at the minute.

Swervedriver — Mars Tramps, Finally, the last time you made the headlines in the music press was over an alleged incident involving Pete Doherty while you were both playing a twitrer in Hong Kong at the back end of It was absolutely ridiculous.

As previouslypreviouslyand previously noted, legendary shoegazers Swervedriver are back.

Please fill out the information below to help us provide you a better experience. To be released as three discs – More information and downloads available here: I never really stopped making music or playing live. Check out the soundtrack over on iTunes. I guess there are certain advantages with both.


an interview with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, tour dates

Back then, we’d have rehearsed in a garage, paid to record a demo, then pressed up a seven-inch on our own which we’d send to labels and the music press. Interview “We’re working on a new Swervedriver album”: My last solo record was Black Horses which came out in but then didn’t officially come out in the UK which is ridiculous. It’s just as secure and no password to remember! It’s great for a band like us who’d been away for 10 years to discover the audience is still there to varying degrees, and a lot of younger kids as well, which was brilliant.

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Jessie J – Who You Are. Did you receive any vocal training between Raise and Sservedriver Head? It’s the eternal question mark. We haven’t decided yet. So that was sitting on my hard drive, and then I also had the David Bowie song on there.