Attaching Gigabit Ethernet Board Disconnect the cables from the ethernet port and the USB port of the print- er, and cover each port with its protective cap. Installing Options Remove the screws as shown by turning them counterclockwise using the provided screwdriver. This explains about the V model printer. Doing so may cause a malfunction or a burn. The default setting is [Off]. WEP key can also be set using a Web browser.

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Lanier – LPn-Landmark Business Systems

Click [Printers and Other Hardware]. When “remove Misfeed Z: AQVS Align the arrows on the new refill and the cartridge, and then push in the refill until it clicks.

AQVS Wait while the toner loads. Open the Bypass Tray 1and then open the Duplex Unit by pushing the catch upwards 2. Open the upper vertical paper feed cover. Enabled paper feeding tray This paper type can be printed only from the bypass tray.


Installing Options Align the printer with the two upright pins on the paper feed unit and then lower the printer slowly. AQVS Align all four sides of the paper stack and load it into the tray with the print side up.


Click to select the icon of the printer. Installing Options Tighten the two screws to secure the Gigabit ethernet board. Turn on the power. Confirm that the cable is securely plugged into the power outlet and the printer. AQVS The removed cover is not used when installing the interface unit. If you do, the tray might fall and cause an injury.

lp415n There is a lip cut into the center of the front end of the hard disk drive’s casing. Page 25 Installing Options Open the lower vertical paper feed cover on the right side of the paper feed unit 1. AQVS Push in the controller board firmly to align the rails in the printer’s compart- ment.

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Page Removing Jammed Staples Hold the green lever while pushing in the cartridge until it clicks. Page Replacing Consumables Remove the black cap of the new toner cartridge by turning it counterclockwise. Page 71 Configuration Print a configuration page to confirm the settings made. The factory default is [Auto]. AQVS Hold the green lever while pushing in the cartridge until it clicks.

Check the package contains the following: When “remove Misfeed B,c,d: Configuration Print a configuration page to confirm the settings made. AQVS Attach the antenna to the card with the label facing down and the uneven side of the antenna facing up.


But when the optional paper feed unit or the duplex unit is installed, updating is useful in some cases. For example, although print side of the page. However, an Alert-resolved e-mail is sent.

Paper and Other Media While pressing the release lever, adjust the side fences. Caution When Re-installing The Controller Board Available Options Caution when re-installing the controller board This section describes handling the controller board when installing options.

Lanier lp145n Manuals

Instead, you can use the ethernet port and USB port mounted on the board. Put it in the holder in the tray. Loading Paper After loading, make sure that on either side, the paper does not catch on 1.

If you need to change the transmitting speed de- pending on environment you are using, select the appropriate transmitting speed.