Graphical representation of intersections Full handset and manual panel functionality Context-sensitive online help Selectable levels of complexity to aid less frequent users Extensive configuration de-bugging aids with user-programmable controller status display Seamless linking with IC4 configuration data. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In civil aviation , a data-link system known as Controller Pilot Data Link Communications is used to send information between aircraft and air traffic controllers when an aircraft is too far from the ATC to make voice radio communication and radar observations possible. The IC4 system is an easy to use tool for generating configuration data sets for Siemens controllers. For other uses including the network layer , see Data link disambiguation. ATC can then send messages to the aircraft regarding any necessary change of course.

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United States Posts. IC4 configurator – IC4 is a Windows-based system providing advanced features for the entry and validation of data required to configure Siemens controllers. Data is entered via a series of forms and is validated for correctness as part of a sophisticated error-checking process.

In telecommunication a data link is the means of connecting one location to another for the purpose of transmitting and receiving digital information. Views Read Edit View history. RonF Top Member Posts. We rata contact you before we make any repair service. This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat Please see “Hardware not responding” issue below.


Please follow the instructions as provided in the original package. IC4 configurator and emulator brochure.

Intelligent Traffic Systems – IC4

Coaxial cable Fiber-optic communication Optical fiber Free-space optical communication Molecular communication Radio waves Transmission line. It can also refer to a set of electronics assemblies, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver two pieces of data terminal equipment and the interconnecting data telecommunication circuit. This article related to telecommunications is a stub.

Please select the Interface Device below to continue: If problem persists please contact the place of purchase for further assistance. The IC4 system is an easy to use tool for generating configuration data sets for Siemens controllers. Enhanced navigation aids and selectable levels of configuration complexity insulate the user from controller facilities that are not being used, simplifying the configuration process.

Is the vehicle’s data link operating properly? Related products, solutions and services. If you do not have the original package and would like the instruction sent to you please visit IC4 Windows Vista Instruction Request.

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One such system, used by Nav Canada and NATS over the North Atlantic, uses a five-digit data link sequence number confirmed between air traffic control and the pilots of the aircraft before the aircraft proceeds to cross the ocean. I have been all over the shop and I have discs but no IC 4. For Windows Vista users please follow the instructions as provided in the original package.


Replacement adaptors are available for purchase please visit our Products page. Yup Fastback is spot on. Easy to use Context sensitive on-line help Enhanced navigation aids with selectable level of complexity for less frequent users Automated management of handset changes made on street Simple installation.

This article is about links for digital data transmission. I found out we need a program now for the connection wires.

Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4)

See if IC3 or IC4 is available as a program in the list. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Traffic Signals and Controllers.

Coupled with the optional emulator facility, it provides an effective solution to the iic4 needs of experienced and novice traffic engineers. There are at least three types of basic data-link configurations that can be conceived of and used:.

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