Press Right to edit the field. Plug the Lemo connector into the DataMate s Charger socket. Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this manual may be reproduced, More information. Do not hit probe or expose More information. Use desiccant to keep the inside dry. Press Enter to select the suggested survey or scroll to find a different survey. Then slip the DataMate back into its case, checking that the gasket is seated properly.

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Start DigiPro2 and open the appropriate database. If you find a checksum that is too large, examine the readings at that depth to determine whether the bad reading was recorded in the 0 or the orientation. If error goes away, problem could be in probe or cable. Not used for any calculation.

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Resuming a Survey If you accidently switch off during a survey, you can resume the survey with no ji of data. If the standard deviation is not typical, check the standard deviation for the different zones.


Wider limits may be appropriate for shallower installations or for poorly-installed casing. Socket for battery charger or external power. Charge at least two hours for every hour of use.

Disconnect controller from power and wait. Press Enter to step past the installation parameters without making changes.

The steps below explain this in detail. In this case, there are 10 half-meter readings in the zone from 25m to 20m. Choose the survey and 0 or pass. Optional Enter up eatamate 3 characters to identify the compass heading of the A grooves. Press Enter to view the zone with the largest SD. Then remove the probe from the casing.

Digitilt DataMate II

Record Correct Installation Manual Read 5. This is a multiplex device which incorporates the temperature monit Manual USB 2. Deleting a Survey If you want to record a survey, but the DataMate prompts no room in memory or too many surveys, you must free some memory by deleting a survey.

Sockets are waterproof only when connectors are plugged in or when protective caps are in place.

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November 29, Table of Contents General Information If error persists, some component must be returned for servicing. Figure Sheet This page is intentionally More information. Choose Metric or English.


The information herein is subject to change without notification. No part of this manual may be reproduced, in ui form or by any means, without permission in writing from Martin. Ddigitilt sensors resist shock better than unpowered sensors.

Turn off the DataMate when the warning appears and then recharge as soon as possible. Wait for the readings to stabilize, then press Enter to record. Reading of English or Metric: It is likely that one of the power wires is bad. This device is shipped fully tested and calibrated and. Readings are very high, for example 12, A checksum that is significantly different from checksums above and below it may indicate that the probe wasn t positioned correctly or the reading was not stable digitipt recorded.