Of course, the connection also has data applications — notably synchronisation. Owners of other models may wish to keep the URL handy though. Watch those data charges unless you have an unlimited data plan. Crisp and bright, it’s a definite improvement on the dull matt-finished screen of some earlier BlackBerrys. Blackberry devices have fully made the transition from e-mail-only devices to real smartphones, with hundreds of applications available and 64MB of storage for programs and data. That said, lefties shouldn’t have a problem adapting to using their right hand — we didn’t. I currently own a nokia E61 which is great but i ve always wanted to buy a BBe…..

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Blackberry 8700g and Yahoo Messenger

Email A function that lets you send and receive email anywhere. This entry was posted in TechToys. Please apply exchange offer again.

On your Blackberry, turn off any connectivity software such as Instant Messenger or anything else might be using an midem connection. The big advantage of the Blackberry over WinCE phones is battery life. My Blackberry lasts 6 days in standby, while a WinCE phone is less than one. Blackberry Forums was also very helpful for for tracking down some of the more esoteric modem settings.


The shape and feel of the keys is satisfying and they’re a pleasure to type on, albeit those with larger than average fingers may run into issues — it’s not difficult to accidentally hit two keys at a time. April 4, at 7: Mdoem, after some reading it appears that the g does NOT require additional software in order to function as a modem.

Browse our FAQs or submit your query here. A phone made for the people who remained on earth after hundreds of earthquake happened during Stone Age. Hopefully, a future BlackBerry aimed blackbery at consumers will incorporate this ‘must-have’ feature. Catching Up on Internet Short Films.

Retro Phone Review: BlackBerry g | TechRadar

If you make any discoveries yourself, please feel free to share them so others may benefit. December 20, at 7: Yahoo Messenger has been well-adapted for this phone.

No application, icon or menu item modsm installed. Cameras have been notably absent on several recently launched business-orientated mobiles due to increasing sensitivity to snap’n’send cameraphones for corporate confidentiality and security.

It’s the same size and weight and has the same buttons.

A handy speakerphone mode can be engaged via the thumbwheel during a call. A quick google shows several articles on the Nokia used blackbfrry way, but they seem kind of light on details, unfortunately. October 25, at Blackberry manufactures such phones only for business phones users and not for the people who believe in design more than functionality.


A new quarter-VGA x display is one of the g’s strong points. Double-click on the Blackberry icon you created on your desktop or under the Network Connections window.

The built-in Internet browser also works ok. It’s noticeably wider, but this is a necessary evil given the inclusion of a key keyboard. Sorry to hear that, Bill. The BB browser icon is often missing, but installed.

RIM Blackberry g review

We used it fairly heavily over two weeks and only needed to charge it every three days or so. Jordan, Southern Ghour Activity: In if you wanted a phone that you could send emails from but DIDN’T want it for work, you’d be burned at the stake as a witch, the very idea of typing out emails on a phone seeming an alien concept.

More PC Magazine cell phone reviews: After updating the device firmware, you copy an old phone: