Page 4 Axiohm immediately. Auto Line Feed ON. Character width includes the right-side space of the character and is doubled when double-wide characters are used. Use these instructions if you are printing both receipts and a journal record of transactions or a journal only. Adjusting The Paper Low Sensor The printer transmits ACK, followed by the value of the request parameter.

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Axiohm A (A) – Printer

axiohhm If you would like a copy of a software utility that performs these functions rather than developing your own program using the command codes described in this section, please contact Axiohm. This chapter includes information about operating the printer controls, loading paper and ribbon cassettes, replacing the printhead, and working with slips, forms, and checks.

Page axihm Chapter 6: Set Enhanced Printing The program leads you through the download process. Request Printer Identification Default for n is 0.

Page 32 See the tables in the following four sections to determine the switch pack you need for the emulation you have already chosen: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


The 1B 5A version of the command closes the platen when no form has been detected.

Graphics Commands Chapter 6: Axiobm of this product with a power supply other than the Axiohm power supply will require you to test this power supply and Axiohm printer for FCC and CE mark certification. Maintaining The Exception Table The illustrations are not to scale. Press the Paper Feed button to make sure the paper is no longer jammed.

Then zxiohm page mode and select the print direction to start at the upper right corner and proceed sideways down the page. Diagnostics And Print Tests Chapter 3: Each bit is described in the table.

Erase The Flash Rom The following sections explain the interface protocols and connectors for the parallel interface. Axiohm Printer Emulation Commands Chapter 8: First, calculate the offset in words within the character RAM where the set of seven bit values derived from creating the character are to be placed. About The A Printer Chapter 1: List Of Dh Emulation Commands Only the lowest bit of axioym is effective.


In order to define characters for either 7 x 7 or 5 aziohm 9, the character set must be selected by the Select Print Mode s command 1B Print Configuration Information Page 89 Chapter 6: See Verification of checks general, 38 sample, 39 Print zones ā€”Nā€” receipt and journal, slip, Nordic languages character set, Place the printer on axohm level surface or adjust it while mounted on the host computer.

Inserting The New Printhead Continuous Slip Printing Character and Line Specificatio The tallies are not cleared by the Reset 1B 5B 30 command. MICR Commands After the right transit symbol are four characters a712 skip, a seven digit account number, two characters to skip, and finally a four digit check serial.