What is the command to install CMS feature packages? At that time, the link is also swapped from the old to the new CMS. C2M5 What are the default licenses that a system is shipped with? Given a CMS system from the factory, use the job aid to prepare the system for production. Modems are preconfigured in the factory. What experience do you have with CMS? Select the setup option from the cmssvc menu.

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True — But typically they are not. It is backward compatible, but not forward compatible. Get the IP address from the instructor.

Avaya Support – Knowledge Base InQuira InfoCenter – CMS: IBM ODBC Connection failed

Discuss whether it should be 1 hour or 30 minutes odgc an approximate time for lunch and end time of [time to time minute leeway]. Schedule a maintenance backup.

Check yourvoice mail, and IM chat on breaks only. Note DSA information is not required so much anymore since default values can be obc and disk space is not much of an issue on the new platforms. On an upgrade, temporary IP and modem numbers are provided. Data Storage Allocation Display the Storage Intervals screen and show the other things on that screen.


CMS: IBM ODBC Connection failed

Avaya maintenance on the CMS begins when customers pay their bill to Avaya. LT is not compatible with either tape.

A LT tape drive cannot read from other avxya or write to other tapes. R3 Migrate Data 4 cmssvc: R15 CMS T onstat command Optional expanded AUX software is shipped if the customer orders it.

Exit back to Solaris. Turn off CMS first. R3 Migrate Data 3 Reports: Work with Avaya to complete the installation procedure.

Call Management System Installation and Maintenance – ppt download

wvaya They are chargeable items. Accept the default terminal type, and select y to suppress alarms. A DDS4 tape drive cannot write to a Dat72 tape.

Managing and Implementing Backups and Disaster Recovery.

Agent administration Call center administration System setup Demonstrate these things. These are administered by default.

Verify that you can access the tape drive. The instructor can display these screens as you discuss this process.


Note that the system in the classroom has one ACD already set up and the link has been established. If the system is R15 CMS, verify mirroring and disk drive: License additions via cmssvc: The course makes available several documents, job aids, and resources that students will be able to use for future CMS implementations.

Change Reporting Adjunct in CM. From the factory, root has no password. Requires Avaya Professional Services admin sync software.

Give the user permission to VDNs and List all the users on the system.