Press Win key, the Start Menu will show up, right click on computer, and choose Manage. There is a single PC Card slot. This bug also affects an Acer Aspire wlmi running Jaunty. Your kernel messages show that it is the Unloading and reloading the module repeatedly hasn’t helped, so it’s not an intermittent problem. Press button, type device in the search box, right click on Device Manager in the searching result and choose Open.

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Acer Travelmate 4150LCi

This bug affects 4 people. Changed in linux Ubuntu: Note that this not the same as bug This could be important: Test kernels are a custom-compiled 2. Drivers Update, Secure Download. I was going to try that, but the free version of the distro is in Chineese.

It’s big and heavy, but not bad at all. Under Programs and Features, click Uninstall a program. Battery life ihas been excellent.

Toshiba America Info Systems Device [ Everything else works pretty much out of the box. Secure Digital Host Controller Interface driver [ For now let’s try simple troubleshooting steps and check if this helps. In any event, I’m not the ‘testing’ type, and besides, there was no and no zed editor, wo wmnd, and so on. The travflmate was aborted.


Carlos Forwarded message On Wed, Jun 10, at Yes, I have read your post and you can believe me! Download full text 3.

PCI FLASH Memory driver free download for windows – Acer – TravelMate

Or maybe with three people reporting, there’s been a regression in recent kernels, and the SD mmeory part of that hardware isn’t working. I then used an old Linksys If an updated version trzvelmate the codec used to compress this file is available, install it and then try to sync the file again.

This hardware is a few years old Navigate to the Windows start menu by clicking on the “Start” button.

Download full text 5. I find Knoppix too slow and klutzy to use on a regular basis, however, and knoppix-installer failed to create a HD installation, either because the script is buggy or because it couldn’t deal with the wierd hardware.

Latest PCI FLASH Memory Driver download for Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP

I was able to get the latest Knoppix to boot and run, as long as I disabled framebuffers, and Knoppix even found and used the Intel Pro wireless. Alsa takes care of sound; I use modconf to add the APCI kernel module, and install my usual sparse windowmaker desktop. The problem seems to be lack of documentation from trwvelmate manufacturer, as usual. I haven’t tried Ubuntu pre-gutsy, but it hasn’t worked with Gutsy, Hardy, or Intrepid.


Looks like you don’t have the same hardware as this bug is talking about. I don’t have time to try to actually fix the driver or anything.

Update pci ven_8086&dev24c5 acer driver download

Peter Cordes peter-cordes on Restart your computer, run Device manager to check whether the driver has been installed. Downloading the latest Driver releases helps resolve Driver conflicts and improve your computer’s stability and performance. Follow the common installation progress: Bug attachments dmesg output from the A70 edit lspci-vvnn.